The gift of confidence

If you know someone who as regretted that tattoo for a while now, who has to think about their hair growth before committing to social occasions or sports activities.  Maybe they are concerned with ageing or you want to pamper them with some beauty treatments, our gift cards are a great way to help their regain their confidence.

You can purchase them for a specific course of treatments, a one off treatment, any of our retail items, a makeup base set (they can come in for specific colour match), gift sets or any monetary amount such as £20, £50 or £100



So how have things been since your last treatment?  It’s a question I ask each and every one of my clients when I see them, usually as I’m getting their file for us to update.   Always happy with a positive reply, sometimes there is a pause. Today there was a pause…  This is when I look up to see the expression on my client’s face…


 A-MAY-ZING!! She exclaims with a big beaming smile on her face and bouncing with confidence. Tina is looking me straight in the eye telling me how she’s gone from trimming facial hair daily to once a week, and all this after just one treatment! She can’t wait to get going with the second treatment and seeing how much it improves again.    She’s not constantly wondering if the growth is too much and people will notice, she’s not shying away from physical contact on her face.  Her husband has said how much more confident she is.  Why hasn’t she done something like this before?!


Usually during consultation for facial hair removal, ladies are shy and embarrassed by it.  It’s one of those things that lots and lots of ladies have (it’s the damn hormones again!) but no-one ever talks about and for most of them its taken a big leap of faith to even come for the consultation.  There is quite often tears about their situation and apprehension about the treatment process.  Some ask lots and lots of questions, others just want to get on with it.  All of them have a test patch, all of them continue with their course of treatment. 


Seeing these ladies rock their confidence each time they come in is without doubt the best part of what I do. Xx

Autumn is my favourite colour

I love this time of the year, the weight of a jumper, cosy fires starting to be lit, a freshness to the air and the beautiful colours nature shows us as summer slips away to  fully embrace Autumn. 

With all the beauty Mother Nature shows us there is a down side. The drop in humidity and colds winds can play havoc with our skin leaving it dry, red and prone to breakouts.


Hydrating oil capsules are a great way to inject a moisture boost, especially when traveling or after swimming and although The sun is not high in the sky, uv rays are present all year. You RAD cream is like a protective bubble rap for your skin – Protecting against wind burn, environmental toxins and free-radicals. Our make up tends to change too, embracing the seasons colour pallet, Jane Iredale has some stunning lid primers to enhance your eyes including Lemon which really enhance green eyes. Their recently released waterproof retractable brow pencil is amazing!  Always pin point strokes, no need to worry about the colour running if caught in a shower or at the gym and as with All Jane Iredale products it’s multi functional meaning you can line your eyes with it too.   

And if you are missing the sun kissed glow from the summer, sit tight… We’ll be able to help you with that really soon 😉

Emma x