Payment Plans and Course Prices

Over the last few months, I have been asked by many clients about course discounts and payment plans. I am pleased to say I have researched the best options and we have created a treatment price list, which incorporates course discounts. Also, we now offer GoCardless as a way of saving towards courses or breaking down the cost of treatments.

Here’s some more information about the options available.


I have updated our prices across the website, this gives our clients options when booking treatments. We have a pricing structure for one off treatments, or a discount when booking a course of treatments. When booking a course, you will need to pay at least 50% upfront, with the remaining spread over one or two payments through GoCardless. This is dependent on the number of treatments and value of the course.

GoCardless available at Vale Laser Clinic

Savings Plan

GoCardless is an online tool that can collect monthly direct debits from your bank account. This will be as much as you like, as often as you like. This is a great way to save for that treatment or course of treatments you never thought you would be able to afford. Now is the ideal time to start saving and spread the cost of the treatments you want when we re-open our doors.

GoCardless is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and we don’t have access to your banking details at any time. Your payments will be recorded in our client management software, Phorest, which is fully GDPR compliant and you will be able to review this, with us, at any time. You will also be able to track this in our dedicated App in the near future.

Start saving £30 a month with GoCardless at Vale Laser Clinic
Start saving £50 a month with Go Cardless at Vale Laser Clinic
Start saving £70 a month with GoCardless at Vale Laser Clinic
Start saving £100 a month
Save a different amount with GoCardless at Vale Laser Clinic

If you would like any information on a specific treatment and how much you would need to save, we are happy to answer any of your questions.