Leading Advanced Skincare And Laser Clinic

We specialize in delivering remarkable results through our cutting-edge treatments, focusing on promoting healthy skin, efficient tattoo removal, and effective hair removal.

Our Core Values


Vitality Enhancement

At Vale Laser Clinic, our treatments are designed to promote healthy, glowing skin, empowering you to exude confidence and radiance. Based on the philosophy to feed, fortify and finish your skin for your to glow from the inside out.


Laser Precision

Laser technology is at the core of our services, We prioritize precision in both our treatments and consultations, ensuring a tailored treatment plan for each client. Treating efficiently and maximizing the effectiveness of each treatments.


Compassionate Care

We care. We care about why, we care about how and we care about you. Our team offers a supportive and understanding environment where you feel comfortable expressing your concerns and aspirations with us to active your skin goals.

Meet Our Team

  • Emma

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    At Vale Laser Clinic, Emma is the owner and lead Skin Therapist.  

    Having suffered with acne from my teens to my 30’s I understand what its like to have a concern that takes up so much space in your mind and effects your confidence. Having also suffered injuries to my nose, lip and forehead from a car crash, resulting in over 50 stitches, skin health and appearance is my passion. From the conception of the laser clinic to today, I enjoy every aspect of talking to and treating our clients. Knowing you trust us with your skin is everything. We strive to provide skincare excellence, carrying our treatments to the highest standard possible. Results are our priority. My favourite treatments are IllumiFacial, RF Microneedling and HIFU. I can’t choose just one!

  • Carly

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    With over 15 years of beauty therapy experience, Carly joined Emma in 2016 and is our Senior Skin Therapist. Working with clients at Vale Laser Clinic is fantastic. 

    Emma’s commitments to our continual professional development means we are always on the top of our game. Being able to change our client’s skin and banish their tattoos is the best part of my job.  My favourite treatments are AlumierMD peels and RF microneeding, these really help to keep my Rosacea at bay. 

  • Charlie

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    Joining us to provide admin support and treatments, Charlie has progressed to full time treatments as her knowledge base has grown with the clinic.

    I love the advanced treatments we do.  Knowing the science behind how the modalities work, knowing we can achieve the results our clients want, makes coming to work every day a joy. My favourite treatment is Hair Removal. Seeing the confidence build in our clients are they progress through treatments is tremendous. 

  • Ester, our clinic coordinator leaning into camera, smiling with her arms folded


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    Ester, our clinic coordinator leaning into camera, smiling with her arms folded


    Our Clinic Coordinator. With a background of Beauty Therapy, and customer service, Esther is the person you are likely to talk to on the phone and greet you in the clinic. Keeping us in check, kicking Emma’s backside and sorting all that needs to be sorted.

    “I adore working in the clinic, the team are fantastic, and we all work so well together. Getting to know the clients and seeing their progress is amazing. The results we get all the time blows my mind.”

  • About Vale Laser Clinic

    Based in St Athan Village, Emma and her team harness the incredible power of your body own repair system to turn back the clock on your complexion.

    Our regenerative skin treatments stimulate collagen and elastin production, helping your skin regain its elasticity and youthful glow. By tapping into your body’s inherent healing abilities, we promote a more sustainable, long-lasting rejuvenation process without the need for synthetic substances.

    Whether you’re looking to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, or improve overall skin texture and tone, our regenerative treatments can help you achieve the results you desire. It’s a safe and effective way to enhance your natural beauty.

    We can focus on banishing broken veins, peeling off pigmentation or taking away skin tags.

    To complement our skin and  laser treatments, we provide a range of beauty treatments at Tathan Beautique

    Our Team

    Vale Laser Clinic was founded by Emma, who from her teens to her 30s had suffered with Acne and wanted to learn more about medical grade skincare.

    Inspired by the growing market of people who were regretting tattoos and wanted a permanent solution to troublesome hair growth, Emma along with David, her pharmacist husband downstairs, have invested in scientifically proven equipment. We only offer treatments which are effective, and evidence based.

    Joined by Carly and Charlie,  we reguarly attend advanced trainging to maintain our Continuded Professional Development.  Esther is usually your first point of contact,  keeps you upto date with appointments, services and advancements. 

    Our purpose-built treatments rooms, above St Athan Pharmacy, allow our trained skin therapists to provide comfortable and discreet consultations to discuss your skin goals.

    We are committed to the highest standards, our registration with Healthcare Inspectorate Wales is your guarantee of this. Our latest inspection is available on their website.

    She is absolutely fantastic and extremely competent with her work.

    Currently having laser tattoo removal done with Emma. She is absolutely fantastic and extremely competent with her work. She’s a pleasure to be around and always makes my experience very comfortable for me. She’s so helpful with other aspects of my health which I am very grateful for! Will 100% be looking to get some other treatments done with Emma!

    Ellie Harford