Advanced Electrolysis

Electrolysis is an advanced method of removing grey and fair hair as well as removing skin lesions such as skin tags, milia and spider Naevi.


Hair Removal Electrolysis works by disrupting hair growth down in the hair follicle. This is done by conducting heat down a very fine needle using electricity. The heat cauterises the hair bulb preventing regrowth.

This is effective in fair and grey hairs which cannot be treated using laser hair removal.
It can be done for individual hairs and is therefore effective if the hair growth is spaced unevenly.

Advanced Electrolysis can treat a number of skin conditions which although harmless, such as skin tags, you may want removed. This process uses the heat from the needle to cauterise skin lesions.

How it works

Hair Removal Electrolysis works by sending a current from a metal probe down each individual hair, a combination of this electrical current and a chemical reaction kills it at its root, thereby stopping any regrowth. This is ideal to treat any fair or grey hair which can’t be treated with our Laser Hair Removal.

Hair grows in cycles and not all hair follicles are in the growth stage at the same time. It is essential that the hair shaft is present in the hair follicle for the treatment to be successful, which means a course of treatments are required to ensure that all hairs are treated effectively.
The hair needs to be a minimum of 5mm in length from the skin for treatment. Please do not wax, pluck, or thread as this will remove the hair from the follicle that is being targeted.


Consultation £20
20 treatment session £90

Questions & Answers

Does It Hurt?

The electrical current being delivered into the follicle can be felt, this is usually described as mild discomfort. We will carry out a test patch at the consultation to ensure your skin is suitable as well as the hair growth. We expect the skin to be flushed post treatment, this usually recedes within 24-48 hours. We will also provide an aftercare balm to use.

Can All Hair Colours Be Treated?

Yes. If your hair is dark, we would recommend Laser Hair Removal in the first instance. This will be quicker and more cost effective. We can then treat any remaining grey or fair hairs with Electrolysis.