Duo A,C+E + Derma-Lac


A, C & E Oil

Fine textured oil formulated to provide the skin with a high concentration of vitamins and antioxidants to help energise dry and sun-damaged skin, leaving it looking velvety soft.


  • High levels of vitamin A and C
  • Normalise and repair
  • Protects skin from environmental attack
  • Shields, nourishes and conditions the skin

Key Ingredients

  • Retinyl Acetate
  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamin C and E
  • Jojoba Oil



Derma-Lac Lotion

This easy to apply lotion helps stop the cycle of dry skin. It contains Lactic Acid in an easily absorbed formula which helps to deeply moisturise and soften uneven skin texture revealing a well moisturised, improved skin texture and tone.


  • Assists natural exfoliation of skin to smooth and soften the skin
  • Deeply moisturises and softens the skin
  • Brightens the skin giving radiance
  • Inhibits melanin production
  • Increases penetration of vitamins

Key Ingredients

  • Lactic Acid
  • pH 4.4




Weight 406 kg