LED Light Therapy Treatment

LED light therapy in the beauty industry isn’t exactly new – it’s been around for some time now, especially for treating difficult conditions such as Psoriasis (known as Red Light Therapy).

In recent years though it’s been increasingly used in the aesthetics industry and has proven really quite revolutionary for a number of skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation and for skin rejuvenation in general. Research has already shown that skin cells which are energised function far better than their rather stagnant peers, to the extent they can renew up to 200% faster. That’s a huge boost to the skin’s regeneration and repair process, resulting in healthy skin and a great glow.

How is the treatment applied?

The treatment is applied in a relaxed clinical setting, using masks and exposure to low-level light therapy (LLLT). You’ll also wear goggles to protect your eyes from the brightness.

The light has been clinically assessed and is delivered at therapeutic doses to best treat particular facial skin conditions. Treatments the LED therapy can help with include aging skin, pigmentation, rosacea, acne and detoxifying the skin.

Although there are different brands of LED light treatments around, here at Vale Laser Clinic we are big fans of Dermalux LED Phototherapy. There is no downtime with this painless and rejuvenating therapy. In addition, it can be used in conjunction with other beauty treatments at the salon. Clinic

During your treatment, you can enjoy sitting back on a chair relaxing for 30 minutes, wearing the mask,under the canopy, with your face exposed to various different coloured lights – each promoting a particular skin enhancement. And, as well as receiving a boost to your skin’s condition, you’ll also feel a bit brighter mentally. That’s because light does make us feel happier and more alert.

Different light colours for different skin benefits

But, getting back to the skin benefits…

  • The Blue light mode, for instance, is used to help with acne. That’s because it destroys bacteria. It also improves skin clarity and has a calming effect on other skin conditions.
  • The Red mode is all about restoring glow and vitality to the skin. That’s because it energises cells, which in turn speeds up elastin production, as well as increases hydration for smoother firmer skin.
  • The near-Infrared mode offers rejuvenation benefits and reduces pigmentation. It also promotes healthy skin and calms any skin irritation problems.
  • The Tri-Wave therapy is for accelerated results, thanks to its multi-wavelength treatments tailored to your own specific skin condition.

Long-term benefits

And the best bit? The benefits of the Dermalux light therapy go on working long after the treatment has been completed.

A course of 12 treatments is standard and should be taken in as short a timescale as possible in increasing intensity. Then it’s just a case of maintaining that vital skin glow with your usual skincare regime.

Get in touch To find out more aboutDermalux LED Phototherapy you can contact Emma and the team here at the Vale Laser beauty clinic. We offer free skin consultations

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