Glow From The Inside Out — Healthy Skin Starts In The Gut

An unhappy gut can affect a lot more than just your bowel movements. In a recent article by @Refinery29, Dr. Megan Rossi, founder of The Gut Health Clinic, highlights gut health as an indicator of overall health. “Check in with your gut even if your symptoms don’t appear to be obviously gut-related. You’d be surprised how many of our ailments go back to our gut health,” she says.

Moodiness, fatigue, and thyroid issues are just a few of the things that could indicate an imbalance in your gut microbiome. Your skin will suffer, too. Studies show that spots, rosacea, and eczema can all be exacerbated by what’s going on in your gut. 

So if you’re struggling with problem skin, try combining a good skin care routine with a gut health overhaul. Eating a balanced diet is the first place to start. 

Eat plenty of fruit, vegetables, and whole grains

Plant-based foods — like pulses, beans and whole grains — are high in fibre and nutrients. Eat a good variety to promote healthy digestion and healthy skin.

Try lacto-fermented foods

Think sauerkraut, kefir, and kimchi. Research shows that eating lacto-fermented foods can influence your mood and your skin by reducing systemic inflammation. 

Snack on probiotic yoghurt

Some experts say that consuming live yoghurt or probiotic drinks will encourage more microbes to grow. Just be sure to choose products that aren’t also full of gut-depleting sugar. 

Avoid processed foods

According to many studies, eating lots of fast food and animal-derived fatty foods can lead to greater levels of destructive gut bacteria. The message is clear: stick to what’s natural for a healthy gut. 

More tips for a healthy gut and healthy skin

Eating a balanced diet is just one of the lifestyle factors that affects gut and skin health. Keep things moving through your digestive system by exercising daily. Experts recommend 30 minutes a day. Keeping stress and anxiety to a minimum is also important. 

Because the brain is directly connected to the stomach, stress can wreak havoc on your gut health. It can both delay the emptying of stomach contents and speed up the passage of material through the intestines. Think about when you get a bout of diarrhea or repeated urges to wee before big presentations or events. 

Finally, remember that antibiotics kill off both good and bad bacteria. That means that a course of meds can leave your immunity at an all-time low. If you have to take antibiotics, try balancing things afterwards by eating probiotic yoghurt. Your stomach and skin will thank you taking pro biotics to balance the gut biome should be taken all the time,  don’t need to refer to yogurts all the time, as have probiotics in the clinic is supplement format.  Live cultures create a healthy envirnment

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